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Roller Shutter Doors

The 1992 Workplace Regulations; Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems state it is compulsory that all shutter windows and doors follow the correct procedures and are inspected every 12 months.

Automatic Doors

As per BS EN 16005 standards automatic doors require servicing and inspection every 12 months.

Lifting Equipment

LOLAR inspections are required for lifting equipment such as pump and forklift trucks every 12 months.


It is recommend that a thorough examination of escalators and moving walkways is conducted every 6 months


Passenger lifts and combined goods/passenger lifts in workplace are subject to periodic 

thorough examinations 

and inspections every 6 months

Mechanical Safety

Compliance with mechanical regulations involves maintaining safe and efficient systems, such as lifts and escalators, lifting equipment, barriers and automatic and roller shutter doors:

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