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Other Services

Borcom can also assist with fire alarm installations, upgrades and employee training.

Fire Risk Assessment

It is a legal requirement to routinely check the fire safety risks of your commercial property in the form of a Fire Risk Assessment, which should be reviewed annually

Emergency Lighting

BS 5266-8 / BS EN 50172 dictate that responsible persons must test all emergency lighting systems monthly. The latest British Standard recommends that you have a three-hour emergency lighting test annually


The Fire Safety Regulations 2022 require regular checks to ensure that self-closing devices are working and the fire doors are in good repair. These checks should be carried out every 6 months


By law, all fire extinguishers must be serviced to BS5306 standards. Fire extinguisher servicing must be carried out every 12 months


BS 5839 and the UK government recommends that a fire alarm system should be inspected by a ‘competent person’ at least every 6 months

Fire Safety

Fire safety is of the highest importance in any building to ensure safety of your employees and the protection of your building and assets. 

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